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This is the icon journal/art journal for me, theyspunaweb. My name is Bebe, and I am going to the Art Institute of Seattle to get my BA in Graphic Design. It's pretty exciting. In this journal, I will mostly post icons for free use on LJ, but I may also post other artistic works of mine. I might even make posts about other artists that you should check out. It's pretty much going to be the art journal of my life, focusing mostly on graphics for use on LJ. The name was created from a quote said by a Graphic Designer, David Carson:
"Like a liquid emotion the wave travels thousands of miles to meet us; and like every emotion, it's born of storms."

I used to post graphics at throwingchairs, with my friend Casey (defeated) who now posts at her own journal, originate.

My heros include Andy Roddick and Chris Carrabba. My favorite Graphic Desinger is Andrio Abero. And my favorite artists are Darren Waterson and Matt Curry.

You'll probably find me posting icons that have to do with my intrests, such as Dashboard Confessional, LOST, Dane Cook, Tennis, ect.

1. join and friend me fore starters.
2. Please give me credit in your keywords for any icons you take from my journal. You can credit theyspunaweb or bornofstorms or both.
3. Do not steal anything. Unless otherwise stated, everything posted here is made by me, and I take full credit.
4. No Hotlinking.
5. All icons/banners are for Livejournal use only. Other art I post here shouldn't be taken for anything, ever.
6. If you have a question about anything, ask me here.

If you feel like you can handle all that, please go and join the community!
originate, utopicons
ask to be added!

Andrio Abero
Matt Curry
Darren Waterson

tarnished,quebelly,blimey_icons,teh_indy,yellow_dusk,wednesday_icons, _joni, callmefreak, brushaxbrusha, darkislight, ohpaintbrush, pessimistchick, and psptutorials.
Websites alone that I got brushes/help from are Unknown Brushes, classic.tere-art.com, 8th deadly sin, VBRUSH, SimplyBrush, The Magic Box,paper sweets Candy Crack, and peach-blush.

coming soon.

Thanks to ReversesCollide for the layout in my info!